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When repairing damaged laminate it is important to find and replace the counter with the same color material.

If you have a big piece broken off or if you have a tiny little chip this may be repaired by using a filler thats a close match.

With over 20 years of industry knowledge and expertise we can fix the following laminate problems:
  • Damaged laminate - from gouges and even holes

  • Peeling - lifting laminate countertops and edging

  • Stained - from items like wine and juices

  • Chipped & Dents - from cutting directly on the countertop surface

  • Scratched & Burns - from cutlery and hot pans placed directly on the surface

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2007 in Minnetonka, MN
2007 ~ Minnetonka, MN
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2007 in Minnetonka, MN
2007 ~ Minnetonka, MN

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